Kondencuotas Pienas a.k.a Spotless music

Hi, my name is Mantvydas and I love making music in my spare time. Below are my pieces and you are more than welcome to have a listen. Feedback would be more than appreciated.


Spotless – From Gazing to Motion (intelligent drum’nbass album) Free download

Kondencuotas Pienas – Struggling For Survival (downtempo) Free Download

Mama Cass Elliott – Make Your Own Kind of Music (Spotless drum’n'bass remix)

Kondencuotas Pienas vs. Synaesthetic Society – Nevertheless (atmospheric drum’n'bass)

Kondencuotas Pienas ft. Mill – So Pure [Lemongrassmusic] (downtempo)

Kondencuotas Pienas – Elegantish Elephantish (ft. Angie) (lounge) Free Download

Kondencuotas Pienas – Middle Aged Man

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What is the best reverb (vst) plug-in?

Some days ago when I was spending my time composing my latest track, I ran in to a problem when my default Cubase “Reverb A” started to produce this awful hiss and there was nothing I could do about it except try using a different reverb plug-in. I tried some freeware ones which I had downloaded some time earlier.. I did not like the way they sounded and hence I decided to find some new toys for myself. Also, this is the reason why this post has been started – so I could share my findings or just my opinion on various reverb plug-ins.

I will try to keep this post updated and put here all the reverbs that I like and use and think they are worth sharing.

The latest reverb that I’ve discovered is:

Epic Verb

Epic Verb

-I like the way it sounds, it’s really useful if you want to make some atmospheric things.
-It has quite many options so you are able to control your reverbed sound.
-You can use it as a SEND effect (has DRY/WET knob). Yay!

This post may be updated in the future.

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How to capture sound from a website or just your sound card?

So, I had this problem one time..
I needed to record the sound that’s coming out from my ESI Juli@ sound card. I tried many different applications, but as you might have guessed – no luck was met.

However, the problem is now solved as my friend has recently recommended me “PolderbitS” Sound Recorder which he’s been using for ages now. I must say – it works!

Polderbits Sound recording software

Get your version here: http://www.polderbits.com/

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Lounge du Soleil vol. 12 & Kondencuotas Pienas – Elegantish Elephantish (ft. Angie)

Lounge Du Soleil vol. 12

Lounge Du Soleil vol. 12

I’m glad to announce that our Kondencuotas Pienas – Elegantish Elephantish (ft. Angie) has been featured on a lounge compilation “Lounge Du Soleil Vol. 12″ on a famous Germany lounge music label “Lemongrassmusic“.

You can preview and buy whole album at itunes.
You can also preview our tune and download it for FREE just by clicking the down-headed arrow at the end of the player.

Kondencuotas Pienas – Elegantish Elephantish (ft. Angie) [Horizontal Madness] by Kondencuotas Pienas

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How to repeat a song on youtube?

So, you have found an amazing new track on youtube.com and you want it to play over and over again, but clicking “Play” button each time after the track comes to an end annoys you?

That’s when the youtuberepeat.com steps in to help you.

How to:
1. For example, your song is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kFhx27OMdE
2. Add the word “repeat” after youtube.
3. Your link should look like http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch?v=0kFhx27OMdE

You’re good to go and know what to do next.

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Pierces – You will be mine

I will be sharing links from time to time to music that I like or which has recently caught my ears.

The first link in this rubric belongs to amazing ladies called Pierces and their ABBA-like track “You will be mine”.

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Hello World!

Hello World,
Nice to meet you.

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